Zapi TV Utilises Anevia Video Delivery Technology


FRA: Plataforma Multimedia de Operadores (PMO), a Spanish telco consortium, has deployed video delivery technology from Anevia to power its new Zapi TV service. 
Zapi will give local telecom operators the resources they need to offer a wide range of subscription-based programmes for viewing on Android set-top-boxes, smart TVs, smartphones and tablets. The new resource is a joint venture by PTV Telecom and Opencable, Acutel (Association of Local Operators of Andalusia) and Aotec (National Association of Local Telecommunications Operators). 
"Zapi TV is designed to be a nationwide service offering the highest possible quality of experience," said José Carrillo, CTO, PMO. "We selected Anevia as a best-of-breed end-to-end video-delivery partner able to function as a single point of contact, speeding up the entire deployment and integration process. The result allows the consortium's members to offer their subscribers high quality-of-experience plus a rich set of features including cloud-based content search and personalised digital video recording. We have already announced the service and will be promoting it strongly from Q1 2020 with the aim of attracting up to 600,000 customers. The service will also include a package of sports channels for ultra-low-latency delivery."
Alfredo Navarro, Anevia's Sales Director Telco Central LATAM, added: "Choosing Anevia’s end-to-end solution is enabling PMO to achieve a fast deployment, ensuring the solution goes on air quickly and starts generating revenue. Low latency was a specific demand which this solution delivers, because all the products work together to reduce latency: our NEA-LIVE packaging software, NEA-DVR and NEA-CDN plus the latest version of our Genova encoders."
Due to Anevia’s solutions, Zapi TV features 4K and UHD content capabilities, with the ability to handle high dynamic range (HDR); streaming scalability, so that the service can start small and grow smoothly with the audience; a Cloud DVR solution giving subscribers the freedom to schedule their own recordings through an EPG-based or instance-based programme; and storage scalability, ensuring that PMO will never be short of Cloud-DVR storage space.
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