WorldCast Systems Helps Ecreso Users Reduce Energy Costs


FRA: In the context of Covid-19, WorldCast Systems supports Ecreso users in reducing energy costs by up to 40% with FREE activation of SmartFM.

As a leading supplier of advanced broadcast solutions for customers across the globe, WorldCast Systems has announced that it will be offering SmartFM, for FREE, to all owners of Ecreso FM transmitters and for a 1-year duration.

SmartFM is compatible with all recent generation ECRESO FM transmitters and can be activated through a simple, software upgrade or license activation.

How much users can save depends on the network and output power. For example, with 1 Ecreso FM 10kW transmitter broadcasters can save up to 4000 €/$* by the end of the year or with 1 Ecreso FM 1000W transmitter, up to 400 €/$* (*at 0.20€/kWh).

"To support our customers during this tough period, it means a lot to us to contribute in some way. Covid-19 is impacting all industries, worldwide, including FM radio. During these uncertain economic times, limiting costs becomes crucial and for this reason, we are offering SmartFM" said Nicolas Boulay, Co-President.

To activate SmartFM, contact your Regional Sales Manager or email
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