Vidmind Launches OTT Video Platform Service


AMSTERDAM, NED: Over-the-Top TV technology provider, Vidmind, launched its end-to-end OTT hosted video platform for operators, broadcasters and retailers at IBC2012 in Amsterdam.

The Vidmind OTT TV solution offers operators and MVNOs the chance of launching a comprehensive TV service including live HD-TV, VoD, catch up TV, social features and a TV app market available across multiple devices and networks with minimal risk and no upfront development costs.

The new cloud-based OTT platform-as-a-service comprises a sleek Android (STB), a web interface for operators, back-end servers and a developer SDK. It allows operators and retailers to tap into the $2billion video delivery market place which (according to ABI research) is set to double by 2017 and monetise the vast global demand for video and interactive media content.

The end-to-end TV solution addresses the changing consumer TV viewing trend towards simultaneously watching TV, playing apps and engaging on social media. It comprises Live TV, VOD, Catch-up TV, media streaming, social TV, advanced search and Android apps and a content discovery recommendations engine. The cloud-based end-to-end OTT service removes the burden on operators or service providers of up front development costs and ongoing management of the service. It is available in a single package across multiple devices including mobile, PCs, TVs, and tablets for white label branding to the operator's choice.

"The rise of Netflix, Hulu and other 'new service providers' proves that the Gordian knot between content and infrastructure can finally be untied thanks to the Internet," said Danny Peled, CEO of Vidmind. "Our hosted OTT service allows operators to exploit this trend and capitalise on the appetite for new video services that offer value for money to the consumer and a low risk, low investment option for the operator."

The Vidmind OTT video service is available immediately and is already in field trials by an Eastern-European billion-dollar company looking to break into the lucrative TV market place.

The Vidmind OTT Platform offers consumers a high quality, social TV experience optimised to the different devices and networks, backed up by a fully scalable and redundant platform available anywhere in the world for a monthly pay-as-you-grow fee.

The Android-based STB comprises a 2,500 MIPs ARM Cortex A-9 chipset, DVB-T2 tuner and Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) and incorporates IR/RF Modules, Wi-Fi, Ethernet and HDMI 1.4 ports with full DRM protection. The remote control accompanying the STB is a double- sided device comprising a full QWERTY keyboard, a track-pad feature and gesture navigation support, enabling the viewer to play games, search with comfort, or just browse.

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