Verizon Digital Media Services Offers Microsoft Azure


USA: Verizon Digital Media Services is extending its relationship with Microsoft to make cloud-based storage from Microsoft Azure available to all Verizon Digital Media Services Edgecast Content Delivery Network (CDN) users.

Azure Storage will now power Verizon STORE, the cloud-based origin storage offering on the Edgecast CDN, providing an even more convenient option for resilient, infinitely scalable object storage that is ideal for media and metadata.

"We are pleased to work with Microsoft to now give our Edgecast CDN customers streamlined access to a trusted and exceptionally robust cloud storage service," said Kyle Okamoto, Chief Network Officer for Verizon Digital Media Services. "We value Microsoft's continued investment and innovation in cloud technology, which complements our commitment to providing our customers with optimized solutions that meet the increasing demands of today's media landscape."

Edgecast CDN customers can take advantage of Azure Storage as part of one single solution from only one vendor. Verizon Digital Media Services maintains a simple billing model closely aligned with customers' monetisation models, charging on volume stored, and not on transactions, transfers or egress costs. With one easy-to-manage contract and support system, content providers can maximise the impact of their technology spend with confidence in the quality and performance of both their storage and content delivery network.

"We have enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship with Verizon Digital Media Services throughout the years and are delighted to expand upon our efforts," said Tad Brockway, general manager, Azure Storage at Microsoft Corp. "Offering access to Azure Storage on the Edgecast CDN brings fast, dependable and easy-to-manage solutions to even more content owners and providers."

Verizon Digital Media Services and Microsoft already feature customised APIs within each other's platforms and highly integrated network interconnections that allow the two platforms to seamlessly work together. Azure and the Edgecast CDN integrated in 2014 and a number of Microsoft web properties, including Xbox and Skype, utilise the Edgecast CDN.

The Edgecast CDN is among the world's largest, fastest-growing and highest-performing CDNs. Established nearly a decade ago, Verizon's continuously upgraded content delivery network ensures the smooth, reliable and rapid delivery of movies, music, videos, games and software updates over the internet. Leading content creators and owners depend on the Edgecast CDN to securely and reliably deliver rich media to the millions of users who demand a high-quality, instant experience.

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