Triveni Digital's Bachofen To Present At BroadcastAsia


PRINCETON, USA / SINGAPORE: Triveni Digital's Ralph Bachofen, the company's Vice President of Sales and Head of Marketing, will speak during the BroadcastAsia2013 International Conference in Singapore on 'Strategies for Monetising Hybrid Television Services' as part of the OTT conference track.

The presentation  on June 19 explores the current state of the connected TV environment, providing attendees with insight into how to develop hybrid television services deliver a more engaging television experience to viewers.

In his presentation, Bachofen will examine the value of partnerships between content providers and connected device manufacturers so that they can co-exist profitably. He will also outline strategies to deploy new revenue-generating services, including targeted advertising and non-real-time content.

"Television viewing is dramatically evolving into a personalised and interactive experience as consumer electronics manufacturers roll out hybrid TVs," said Bachofen. "As the number of connected TV households grows, it's important that broadcasters develop an effective business plan for capitalising on these new capabilities. My presentation will identify strategies for integrating broadcast, OTT and social networking content to engage hybrid TV viewers and monetise the connected TV platform."

Bachofen has more than 20 years of experience in voice and multimedia over IP, telecommunications, and in the semiconductor business as head of Triveni Digital's sales and marketing group.

His professional career includes senior technical and marketing roles at Conexant Systems, Siemens, and Accelerated Networks.

Bachofen holds an Executive Master in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science degree in telecommunication technologies.

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