New 3GPP Spec Will Help OTT Delivery


FRA: In the current global context where home confinement has increased bandwidth use exponentially, partially linked to the increase of OTT consumption, the new 3GPP SA release will help save on network use and costs.

Prior to Release 16, it was not possible to address both HLS devices and DASH devices with a unique multicast stream. This new technology will allow service providers to address a more heterogeneous park of devices, whether they be Apple or Android.

ENENSYS Technologies, a leading provider of media delivery solutions, is particularly excited about these achievements, agreed upon during the 3GPP March SA e-Plenary, as they will enable operators who are experiencing problems due to a high volume of simultaneous viewers to broadcast to their customers with a unique stream.

Building on the work initiated by MPEG with the CMAF (Common Media Application Format), together with the 3GPP Group, ENENSYS actively participated in writing the new specifications for a simultaneous, efficient, multicast transport of DASH (Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP) and HLS (HTTP Live Streaming). This innovative advancement is named "Hybrid DASH/HLS Service".

"A universal stream for the full range of mobile devices is definitely a plus," said Cédric Thiénot, ENENSYS Group CSO, "as it further addresses this challenge that we are facing: an exponential increase of video consumed over mobile networks. ENENSYS' OTT@Scale solution will integrate this new technology in 2020, enabling all clients to optimize the bandwidth consumption over their networks."
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