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CALIFORNIA, USA: TVU Networks, the global technology leader in live IP video solutions, has announced that its mobile uplink device, TVUPack, is emerging as the solution of choice globally when it comes to live video broadcast. While TVUPack has been widely deployed by television broadcasters around the globe, TVU mobile cellular solutions are increasingly being deployed wherever live IP based video transmission is desired.  
China’s Largest Online Retailer, Alibaba sold a record $14.3 Billion USD in merchandise on Double Eleven (also called China’s Singles Day, 11/11 or Eleven Eleven) and celebrated in style with a large televised gala, which was streamed live to Chinese viewers, using TVUPack. Double Eleven shopping bonanza has grown tremendously since China’s retailer giant, Alibaba began promoting it as a shopping day in 2009. This year, a record number of foreign brands participated in the largest shopping day in the world, through the Alibaba sites. More than 40,000 merchants from 25 countries participated in the shopping day on Alibaba shopping platforms.
In the lead up to the event, Alibaba hosted a four hour TV variety show in celebration of the shopping festival. The star-studded gala known as the “2015 Tmall 11/11 Global Shopping Festival” was streamed live to Chinese viewers throughout the country, using TVUPack. In attendance were Alibaba executives and founders, celebrities, a representative from the Zhejiang Commerce Department, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Sony, Phillips and several other esteemed guests and corporate executives. 
TVU Networks is evolving at the speed of news and has solidified a strong presence at the very forefront of IP video innovation. The way TVUPack is being used outside of typical broadcast is becoming increasingly unique. Some of the most unique video footage captured by TVUPack, to date, has been as a result of TVU Networks’ strategic partnership with DJI, the world’s most respected drone manufacturer. This joint partnership resulted in the global release of the world’s first Aerial Newsgathering Pack to transmit live HD video from a portable, flying drone pack to practically any location. This groundbreaking partnership includes full integration of the entire TVUPack family of IP video solutions with each DJI drone solution – including the most intelligent and most powerful Phantom series. 
TVUPack’s flexibility, portability and professional picture quality, combined with DJI’s next-generation drone technology, enables organizations to quickly deploy drone technology into their existing production workflows. This joint solution provided live mobile transmission capabilities to DJI during the highly anticipated launch event for the Phantom 3 drone series. During the event earlier this year, Phantom 3 drones transmitted live aerial video from Santorini, Singapore and Hollywood to simultaneous live events being held in Munich, London and New York City, using TVUPack transmitters and TVU Grid live IP video distribution solution.
As new and innovative uses of TVUPack continue to emerge, a major benefit reported by customers across all verticals is TVUPack’s ability to seamlessly integrate into any organization’s workflow. Recently, Absolute Live Productions, a seasoned and respected film and television company based in Burbank, California, specializing in professional multi-camera livestream solutions, used TVUPack on the production of a soon-to-be-released film for a major Hollywood studio. With TVUPack, Absolute Live Productions was able to constantly stream the footage captured by the filmmakers, in its entirety to the film’s producer, as he was required on set of another long-running television project at the time. Through the dependable, HD livestream provided by TVUPack, the producer of the film was able to view and monitor the film’s dailies and progress from another location, essentially being in two places at once and working on two projects simultaneously, making the impossible, possible. 
The award-winning TVUPack is a modular IP newsgathering solution that enables broadcasters to capture and broadcast live HD video of interviews and events over multiple cellular, satellite, microwave, WiFi, WiMax, and BGAN connections, giving organizations and individuals the satellite or microwave TV truck or van functionality in a lightweight backpack. TVUPack features TVU’s proprietary Inverse StatMux Plus (IS+) technology designed to deliver a dependable HD quality picture with under one second latency.
Already in use by hundreds of leading broadcast organizations around the world, the TVU Networks family of IP transmission solutions gives broadcasters and organizations a powerful and reliable tool to distribute live video content to broadcast, online and mobile platforms. The TVU Networks suite of solutions has been used to deliver professional-quality live HD footage of a number of important events around the world including the World Cup, both Summer and Winter Olympic Games, U.S. presidential elections, natural disasters, the 2013 Papal conclave, the Super Bowl, the 2015 Papal visit to the United States and several international sporting events.
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