Successful Start For OpenMedia StudioDirector


MUNICH, GER: On 6 February, SWR Aktuell was broadcast using the new digital Studio E in Mainz for the first time.
As well as a host of innovations and modernisations involved in the upgrade, ANNOVA also had something new to show: the very first installation of OpenMedia StudioDirector.
OpenMedia is built around openness and flexibility and so adapts to a range of needs and requirements. OpenMedia StudioDirector puts the story at the centre of focus, dealing with technical workflows and allowing layers of composition to be automatically added as stories are developing. Pre-created templates for studio and show design are available and StudioDirector uses these to automate the process of adding studio layouts (i.e. set, graphics and sound) as well
as controlling all studio elements such as lighting,
sound and cameras.  
“In OpenMedia StudioDirector we have a plugin that is fully integrated with OpenMedia, is fast and easy to use, and which places multimedia content in the right place. For users, this transparent process reduces errors and helps increase the level of studio automation without adding to the editorial workload,” comments Andreas Rüther, Project Manager, StudioDirector Integration
for SWR Aktuell.
Daniel Schubert, Head of Project Central, adds: “We worked closely with SWR to achieve the ambitious goal of converting individual solutions - which we have already implemented at NDR and FMM using the ‘Brick Concept’ - into a standard product.”
Ulrich Schneider, SWR, Head of Studio E Mainz Renovation Project comments: “From the very first day of using StudioDirector
we were able to see improved collaboration between our editorial and technical teams.”
ANNOVA’s flagship OpenMedia Newsroom System was first implemented in Mainz in 2003. The suite next replaced existing
ENPS systems at the Stuttgart site. OpenMedia has since been installed in all regional studios and radio stations across
the SWR region and is now an essential tool for the whole organisation. All editorial content for radio, TV and Internet
is created and managed using OpenMedia.
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