Quicklink To Demonstrate Remote Communicator


UAE / GBR: At CABSAT 2017, Quicklink will demonstrate their new Remote Communicator solution.

The solution enables you to create ad hoc ultra-low delay video/audio contributions from any device using a web browser, easily share high quality return video to a remote user and integrate ultra-low delay audio commentary into your workflow.

The Remote Communicator will allow you to stream video and audio to a web browser and return audio and video or audio only in real time, full duplex with ultra-low delay. The return feed can be received at the studio using a Quicklink Server or on own hardware for output via SDI or NDI. The cloud advanced firewall punch through with automatic fall back to Quicklink Relay Services will guarantee connectivity on the most challenging and secured networks.

Quicklink will also be showcasing their popular TX Skype call transceivers at CABSAT. Designed in partnership with Microsoft, the Quicklink TX is a Skype video call management system that enables professional reception and transmission of multiple Skype video calls through an SDI or HDMI interface.

The Quicklink Remote Communicator and Quicklink TX will be showcased at CABSAT 2017.

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