Quicklink TX Steals The Show In Tokyo


TOKYO, JPN: Early this month DPSJ demonstrated the Quicklink TX as part of a private showing in Japan.

Clients, industry partners and some media journalists visited the company at their headquarters in Tokyo Japan.

DPSJ hosted the two-day event in order to provide an opportunity to potential customers "to touch and work the solutions, check functions, performance of the product and ease of use" comments DPSJ sales and customer officer Koji Inoue.

One of the products on demonstration was the Quicklink TX, a broadcast ready, video call management system, which enables professional reception and transmission of Skype video calls through an SDI and HDMI interface. For the purpose of the demonstration, "we used Microsoft's Surface Pro's internal web cam as a source and the SDI output was previewed on the Blackmagic Smart View HD", said Koji, "Return signal came from Microsoft's HD quality web cam that was connected to the Quicklink TX with USB or SDI signal from a video router."

"The Quicklink TX, along with the Skype TX controller software demonstrated a professional broadcasting solution", remarks Koji, "Our customers were taken aback by how easy it was to monitor the incoming and outgoing video and audio quality and were able to see many options of integration into their current environment including talk shows and conferences."

Quicklink Sales Manager Sharon Howells comments on the Quicklink TX: "As the unit receives from any video-enabled skype device this can give broadcasters unrivalled access to millions of connected skype users. By opening up the demo room DPSJ were able to show the product in its full workflow and show off the many features that makes the TX so special."

Quicklink has also released Bondio which can be used with the Quicklink TX. Bondio improves the bandwidth by bonding several Internet connections together to create one super connection. This allows the solution to be optimised even with lossy networks in order to produce a single stable, high quality transmission. This innovative software is available free of charge for a limited period with the purchase of the Quicklink Skype TX.

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