Orban Brings 12 New Products To NAB


USA: At NAB 2017, there are at least 12 good reasons for visiting the Orban booth this year.

The company is introducing 12 new processing products ranging from a new top-of-the-line Optimod-FM processor to a suite of openGear cards for stereo and 5.1 surround TV.

David Day, Orban's President, said the company made the changes to its line based on conversations with customers, dealers and distributors: "Orban has long led the industry in audio processing expertise, and our customers have come to us with some great ideas for new processing products as well as some superb improvements to existing models. The products we'll be showing at NAB are the result of months of intensive market research and engineering."

New in the Optimod-FM line are:

  • 5500i - now with a full-featured RDS / RBDS generator with PS scrolling;
  • 5700i - now with full-featured RDS / RBDS generator with PS scrolling, as well as FM and HD outputs;
  • 8600Si - now with standard with FM and HD outputs; and
  • 8700i - includes a processed low-latency headphone output, Dante AoIP (AES 67) and Orban's newly patented Xponential Loudness algorithm. 

Also new for the Radio market is the NeuStar AIR2 (pictured), a codec pre-conditioner that dramatically improves the sonic quality of low bit-rate source material.

New this year for the TV, Mastering and Production industries is the iMix 5.1 Headphone Monitor, a monitor that provides accurate rendering of 5.1 images in the user's headphones without the use of artificial ambience or special encoding. Of interest to OB trucks and live TV productions is Orban's demonstration of a 3D intercom that clearly isolates individual intercom channels to spatial points in headphones.

Orban is also introducing six cards for the openGear TV platform including:

  • OTV-22 - dual, discrete stereo instances of Orban's exclusive OPTIMOD TV loudness control with industry-standard, worldwide compliant ITU-BS.1770 loudness measurement;
  • OTV-M2S - four instances of Orban's newest Mono2Stereo algorithm that makes artifact-free stereo audio from mono feeds;
  • OTV-5.1 Live - a suite of ultra low-latency 5.1 surround processors for live and broadcast audio including the 257 Decoder, 752 Encoder and iMix 5.1 Headphone monitor;
  • OTV-510 - Low-latency 5.1 Surround Loudness Monitor and Controller for Production and Transmission using the industry-standard, worldwide compliant ITU-BS.1770 loudness measurement and Orban's exclusive OPTIMOD TV loudness control;
  • OTV-MUX HD - a high-quality programme audio embedder for up to 8 AES audio channels into a 3G/HD/SD SDI signal, providing sample rate conversion, summing with gain of +10dB, audio delay up to 1 second and channel invert; and
  • OTV-DMX HD - a high-quality programme audio de-embedder for up to 8 AES channels from a 3G/HD/SD SDI signal.

For more information on Orban, please visit the website.

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