NTP Technology To Expand Penta 721 Models


DEN: In Enterprise audio, including broadcast and AV Install, several different audio formats often have to be able to co-exist within the same system - or various systems need to be able to exchange audio streams.
The new Penta 721s models aim at solving these problems by bridging audio formats and systems seamlessly. All of these new models are compact 1 RU solutions that all include AES, MADI and Dante I/O, yet each model is made with specific purposes in mind.
The Penta 721s-DNT is a Dante to Dante converter with onboard sample rate conversion on the input, which makes it ideal for connecting individual IP Audio networks that may run on different sample rates and digital clocks. As mentioned, all models already include Dante connectivity in the form of a 64-channel Brooklyn module, but the 721s-DNT model adds another 128 channels and onboard sample rate conversion to the table.
The Penta 721s-SDI adds Dual 3G SDI embedding / de-embedding to the package and is ideal for broadcasters with the need for combining SDI signals with Dante, MADI or AES. The SDI side of the model also has built-in sample rate conversion.
Finally, the Penta 721s is the modular solution that comes with an empty expansion card slot where any of seven available expansion cards can be installed - for instance analogue inputs or outputs, delay processing for lip-sync, 3G SDI, or additional AES, MADI or Dante connectivity.
"The new Penta 721s models build on the legacy of the modular Penta 720 unit, which serves in countless enterprise audio solutions throughout the world," says Mikael Vest, Sales Director, NTP Technology (pictured left).
"So, we're obviously excited to now add these new, compact and more cost-effective siblings to the Penta family of audio-routing and conversion interfaces.
We already know that AoIP will increasingly become the backbone of any larger enterprise audio facility, yet older audio formats will remain part of the systems for some time. With Penta 721s and Penta 721s-SDI we're covering any existing audio format around, while Penta 721s-DNT is ready to engage any Dante/AES67-based system today or in the future."
The new Penta 721s models will be available worldwide in Q3 2020.

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