NOA Introduces Enhanced QualityChecker


GER: NOA has introduced an enhanced version of its QualityChecker for jobDB and mediARC, the first in-house developed QC evaluation tool for NOA.

The system allows QC engineers to load open QC tasks directly within the standalone application QualityChecker (pictured) to facilitate easy job separation between ingest and technical QC. Job separation streamlines the entire digitisation process reducing overall ingest cost operation substantially.

NOA QualityChecker provides frame-exact navigation through ingested material as well as different video settings such as de-interlacing and field order settings to ensure correct replay and transcoding. Easy shortcuts allow for quick segmenting of ingested material and swift navigation to improve and refine quality control activities. Configurable presets allow further audio track shuffling, mixdown, and uplift (amplification) of the target file.

"With NOA QualityChecker, QC personnel are provided with a comprehensive and fully implemented tool developed by NOA for day-to-day quality check and segmentation worksteps without the need for third party video players. A number of new features ensure correct replay behaviour as well as correction thereof. The real benefit is bringing down the cost of the overall business process ensuring highest productivity at the ingest stations and moving intellectual decisions and corrections to a later business process step," said Jean-Christophe Kummer, Managing Partner.

NOA took on the task of developing its own QC evaluation tool to optimise workflows and enhance the process quality of the most demanding projects.

Key features of NOA QualityChecker include:

  • Integration of ISR/RF reports forwarded from FrameLector;
  • Annotation of audio roles (for audio role shuffling);
  • Correction of video content (such as field order and aspect ratio);
  • Segmentation of video content for head/tail cropping.

NOA QualityChecker, a part of NOA's actLINE product family, is provided as an upgrade or extension to any existing and future video digitisation projects with FrameLector in jobDB or mediARC environments.

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