Miranda Highlights Mobile Production Findings


MONTREAL, CAN: Miranda Technologies will present a webinar to discuss findings that will help mobile production professionals overcome challenges.

The research will be presented by industry researcher Josh Gordon, President of The Josh Gordon Group, and industry expert George Hoover, CTO of NEP.
The free webinar, the second in a series hosted by Miranda, will take place on Thursday, January 23 at 11am EST and will provide valuable insights into, and rank, the technical challenges facing mobile production pros, especially setup time, power and weight limitations.
There is no shortage of opinion as to which technologies slow down mobile truck setup most. Josh Gordon says: "During initial interviews, many told us camera placement slowed setup the most, others told us it was graphics. When we surveyed an industry-wide sample and ranked 13 different technologies, laying cable / fibre / triax was first, while camera placement and set up came in second."
The study also found anomalies. For example, during mobile production setup, respondents rated the audio side as largely unproblematic, but once the productions had begun, almost 40% of respondents said audio issues in the control room had interfered with a live production.
To ensure the research is presented in a real world context, NEP's George Hoover will offer his insights on the survey's findings. Hoover is one of the most seasoned professionals working in mobile production today and has developed keen insights on the required technologies and the best ways to apply them in a truck environment.
Webinar details:

Industry Report: Responding to the Challenges of Live Production
Date/Time: Thursday, January 23, 11am EST, 8am PST

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