Medialooks Upgrades Video Transport Range


RUS: Medialooks is set to launch additions and significant upgrades to its video transport and software development lines at IBC2019.
The company is a provider of low-latency video transport streaming solutions for remote production, and a source for software developers seeking quick, easy and reliable software development kits (SDKs) to build industry-leading products.
VT Server is an extension of Medialooks’ Video Transport product range, and sets a new standard for high-quality, dependable and cost-effective transmission of video streams by offering a solution that runs on off-the-shelf hardware, on both CPU and GPU codecs, and allows 4K video to be transported over the public Internet with an average latency of 100 ms. The solution, which is suitable for live production, features a quick setup time and easy scaling with multiple locations and transport links managed from any location and configured via a cloud-based web interface.
The software-only solution is easily installed on both the receiver and sender sides, offering a true fix-and-forget solution to any organisation with the need to link remote locations on a regular basis – such as TV stations, video production companies, event venues, stadiums, houses of worship and esports studios. It features broadcast quality transmission with up to 4K 60p video with multichannel 512 kbps audio. VT Server is configured and operates in either Medialooks’ cloud or the customer’s own cloud.
VT Server is offered as a subscription with a predictable pricing plan that allows operators to prepare properly and remain within budget.
Also on display at IBC2019 will be Medialooks’ software development kits with 8K and HDR updates. With new devices emerging, such as the DeckLink 8K Pro, and broadcasters pushing for producing the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in 8K, Medialooks is integrating support for relevant formats in its SDKs. This, along with the HDR10 update, is based on the introduction of the GPU pipeline earlier this year, which was the foundation for processing 10-bit video.
Other updates include support for industry-compliant DVB streaming and finalising the company’s implementation of the EBU R 128 (ITU-R BS.1770) audio normalisation standard.
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