Managed IP Media Workflows With LTN Global


USA: The media landscape is changing, says Malik Khan, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, LTN Global. 
As competition for eyeballs grows and consumers expect more content than ever before available in an instant on any device, media companies are faced with new challenges to deliver and monetise content across an increasingly fragmented industry. Add to that the fierce competition and it is becoming ever more challenging to monetise content. Advertisers also have more choice than ever before and consequently, expect more value from advertising in video services. All of this is creating an extremely fragmented industry, making delivering and monetising video more challenging. 
At the same time, workflows are becoming increasingly complex. Media companies are moving to IP solutions for greater efficiency and flexibility, but shifting away from traditional workflows to a host of new tools and expertise can require significant capital investment. Companies must adapt to succeed but also face the risks of technological obsolescence. They need the ability to experiment, spinning up and down channels to quickly react to changing viewing habits and preferences. They need to deliver more content to more places, with hyper-targeted advertisements, rights management, etc. They cannot act as the traffic controllers across vendors and disconnected solutions. To respond quickly they seamlessly bridged workflows, and open architecture to create workflows across a disassociated ecosystem.
To win, customers need efficiency, to create content faster and experiment with limited investment, flexibility to deliver more content to more places and open architecture to connect everywhere. As a managed media service provider, LTN provides modular solutions, built on our patented technology to enable customers to harness workflow solutions to address the most pressing issues they face today. LTN serves as a global cloud-enabled media processing resource – built on a highly adaptable media-workflow-as-a-service model – that enables content producers of all types to drive rich, revenue-generating product to consumers across the constantly evolving array platforms and devices.
LTN Global Communications enables world-class content creation, monetisation, and distribution through a unified, optimised, and highly automated end-to-end workflow built on its family of industry-best technologies. The company’s modular service offering leverages LTN’s fully managed network for peerless, IP-based live video delivery; Niles Media production services and media processing, backed by a 24/7 network operations centre; Crystal technology for control, monitoring, ad insertion, and media transformation; and Make.TV’s scalable, cloud-enabled video production platform for live and on demand video. With these unique technologies and resources, LTN brings its customers greater efficiency, agility, and creativity in delivering more content to more viewers.
Having a managed IP workflow means that users can configure, monitor, and control signal flows in a single pane of glass while integrating and automating workflows via a public API. Perhaps more importantly it means that media companies can extract the value from the content they create and fully maximise monetisation opportunities.
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