Leitz THALIA-T Now Shipping Worldwide


GER: Leitz has announced that it has commenced worldwide delivery of its new focal length, the 90mm THALIA-T.
With the THALIA-T, Leitz has started a new line of cine lenses that will run alongside its line of the well-known art lenses. 
This new development comes with the expected robust, approved premium Leitz lens housing and mechanics, with all diameters and gear positions matched to the existing THALIA set. Furthermore, with the accustomed and distinctive THALIA lens series premium attributes, it is developed for the creation of artful image and has one enlarged image circle diameter of 60mm. It will be available with PL- as well as LPL-mount.
This lens is different from the others within the series. It was created by making use of synergy effects, by taking over the unique characteristics from the Leica M-Thambar from 1935 and translating these distinctive attributes of still images.
The THALIA-T 90mm has one filter-like look. The distinctive bokeh is created by deliberately under-corrected spherical aberrations, along with a circle round aperture for circular rendition of out-of-focus highlights.
The aberration increases towards the periphery of the optical system, which is why both the extension of the depth of field and the degree of diffusion can be precisely controlled via the step-less aperture ring. Widening the aperture increases the soft focus, whereas stopping down reduces the effect.
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