Lawo Upgrades R3LAY Virtual Radio Mixer Software


GER: Broadcasters using R3LAY virtual radio mixer software will be glad to hear that a new software release has just been released and is available for immediate download.

R3LAY is a suite of software that virtualises broadcast studio tools. Using R3LAY, broadcast professionals can move traditional hardware-based studio tools, such as mixing consoles, multi-channel sound cards, and patch bays, into the virtual domain using today's powerful COTS computing platforms.

All R3LAY software is AES67 / RAVENNA AoIP compliant, and multi-touch optimized for easy, intuitive use on touchscreen PCs and laptops. This collection of virtual broadcast tools includes:

  • R3LAY VRX8 8-fader and VRX4 4-fader Virtual Radio Mixer software;
  • R3LAY VPB Virtual Patch Bay software;
  • R3LAY VSC Virtual Sound Card software.

New features found in R3LAY v3.0.0.102 include support for Unicast streaming, with routines that help maintain Unicast connections and report broken links. There are also program enhancements which decrease the CPU load of host PCs, as well as the inclusion of Microsoft-signed network and WDM drivers for broadcasters using R3LAY on Windows 10 computers.

"PCs get more powerful every day, and broadcasters are using all that power to replace hardware with software," notes Lawo Radio marketing specialist Clark Novak. "With R3LAY, they can even replace mixing consoles, using an off-the-shelf touchscreen computer to host a full-featured mixing console that operates just like a physical one - but with less cost and infrastructure requirements."

R3LAY VRX mixing software is perfect for in-studio use, where its AES67 compliance allows operators to mix local or networked audio streams and send out a ready-for-air program stream. Installed on a laptop and paired with a Lawo OnAir 4 audio interface, R3LAY VRX makes a perfect grab-and-go mobile broadcast kit, complete with VST-based EQ, dynamics and other processing tools.

Nearly 400 broadcasters have downloaded R3LAY software since the R3LAY webshop debuted last year. Users can obtain the latest version by visiting

Pictured: VRX8 Touchscreen

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