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LATEST: USA: In light of several cancelled / postponed industry events around the world in 2020, GatesAir continues with a schedule of webinars and online events to keep you informed.

With Virtual Events GatesAir will be featuring new product updates, topical presentations, round tables with special guests, and even "virtual booth meetings" to help personally support customers' broadcasting needs.

Week 6 promises some of our most amazing webinars yet, including a very special "Pre-NAB Express" event on May 12:
Business Implications for NextGen TV [NAB Show Express co-event]
R. Ducey / S. Matheny  •  May 12, 2020
Rick Ducey, Managing Director, BIA Advisory Services will speak to broadcast business models being considered for ATSC 3.0 and the kinds of expectations agencies and marketers should have for NextGen TV and local TV advertising in terms of services, data and other opportunities will be available to them, and when.
Sam Matheny, Chief Technology Officer of the NAB will discuss the status of the roll out of ATSC 3.0 and how stations are deploying this new broadcast standard.
TV Network Planning: Gap Fillers / SFN Application and Design Guidelines
S. Rossiter  •  May 14, 2020
Digital TV networks offer broadcasters more options to create total market coverage using a wide range of tools from on-channel gap fillers to multi-frequency repeaters. We will review technical options and equipment selection criteria, network planning tools, and options including antenna selection to create a seamless viewing experience for the consumer.

These webinars are also each worth 1/2 SBE re-certification credit.

Please visit the site here to view previous events, check out the entire schedule, and to reserve your seat, or you can also schedule an appointment with a GatesAir Regional Sales Manager and others.
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