IHSE KVM System Supports Antwerp Police


BEL / GER: The new high-tech command vehicle delivered to Antwerp police technology to manage and control major incidents in the area uses IHSE's KVM Technology.
A Draco tera KVM switch distributes a multitude of live video camera images, computer data and videoconferencing services around the two cabins of the vehicle to local controller positions, to aid them in assessing an incident situation and helping them decide on the best and most immediate response.
The challenge was to develop a reliable system with extended capabilities and ease of use that presented uncorrupted sound and video and required minimal maintenance. In order to act quickly police force requires up-to-date and complete information.
The aim of the installation was to deliver a reliable and easy-to-use solution which can be operated by police staff within the truck using touch screens and to enable expansion to cope with new services and facilities in the future.
"IHSE equipment is known for its stability, reliability and ease of maintenance. The KVM system is very flexible and can be controlled from every operator position. Control can also be exerted by administrator command as well," said Thomas Rouw, Business Development Manager, Intronics.
The new high-tech truck was created by Cofely Fabricom in cooperation with the Antwerp-based IP service provider
Digipolis, AV specialist Crosspoint and network expert and IHSE partner Intronics.
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