Grass Valley Intros LDX C82 and C86N Compacts


CAN / USA: Grass Valley introduces new models to widen the range of options for hard to reach, remote and robotic applications...

Viewers want to feel like they're part of the action, not just spectators but a part of the game, concert or event they're watching, right on the court, track or stage. Often the most important, engaging shots require cameras to operate in places where cameramen cannot or should not go, so Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, developed the LDX C82 Series (pictured) , the most feature-rich HD compact camera on the market, and the LDX C86N Series, a fully self-contained companion to Grass Valley's native 4K system cameras, to meet a wide range of broadcasters' camera needs. The new series join the recently upgraded LDX C86 Series to provide a fully comprehensive compact solution to the challenges broadcasters face in HD, 3G, 4K and beyond.

"Now more than ever, broadcasters have to be prepared to capture the action wherever it takes place and provide better angles that really make the viewer feel the action." said Neerav Shah, Senior Vice President of Strategic Marketing, Grass Valley. "The LDX C82, C86N and C86 Series cameras provide the flexibility and key features required for the highest quality image acquisition in a format that addresses the need for image capture where it's impractical, or impossible, to have a camera operator."

The LDX C82 Series, a fully self-contained companion to Grass Valley's new LDX 82 Series HD/3G system cameras, is available in two versions: Premiere, for switchable formats, and Elite, for artistic formats; and WorldCam functionality is also available through the GV-eLicense program. Each model includes WCG (wide colour gamut) support as a standard feature for even more natural colour reproduction in all modes, as well as the optimal HDR (high dynamic range) functionality with a full 15 F-stops (available by eLicense only).

To capture high-quality 4K images from anywhere, the LDX C86N features three native UHD 2/3" imagers and utilises DPMUltra (an enhancement to Grass Valley's Dynamic Pixel Management) to manage the acquisition format. When it's time to combine the footage into a cohesive program, the LDX C86N Series is fully compatible with the LDX 86 and LDX 86N Series cameras to match perfectly in colour reproduction and wide-gamut acquisition.

In keeping with compatibility among camera models, the newly upgraded LDX C86 Series are more aligned than ever with the LDX 86 Series for improved transition between cameras. The LDX C86 HiSpeed and LDX C86 XtremeSpeed cameras offer 3x speed and 6x speed, respectively, as well as WCG and HDR capabilities (available by eLicense only); and the new LDX C86 WorldCam offers the ultimate HD performance in all formats including 1080i/720p, 1080p and the creative Psf formats.

"These three series of cameras provide a means for broadcasters to capture images from difficult, but impactful angles where only a compact camera can fit," said Shah. "In any application, these cameras use well-shot, high-quality images to tell a better story and provide a unique experience that viewers couldn't even get if they had a ticket to the live event."
Grass Valley is demonstrating the features of the LDX C82, LDX C86N and LDX C86 Series cameras at NAB.

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