Grass Valley Introduces GV STRATUS Media Services


LAS VEGAS, USA: GV STRATUS new media services enable forward-looking master control and web/mobile distribution workflows.

Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, has announced new media services for its market-leading GV STRATUS Nonlinear Media Production Tools. The GV STRATUS service-oriented architecture (SOA) allows customers to purchase, combine, and configure the precise functional components they need to build and orchestrate the most efficient workflows for their unique production environments with GV STRATUS News, GV STRATUS Live, GV STRATUS Digital Media Platforms (DMP), and GV STRATUS Playout (pictured).

The new GV STRATUS Playout is a secure and native cloud-based automation playout control solution hosted through Microsoft's Windows Azure system to orchestrate on-site media playout via SSD-based SSP-3801 playout cards that fit within the Densite modular platform.

GV STRATUS Playout was designed from the ground up to provide the most efficient approach to critical automation functions. It does this by employing a hybrid cloud approach. Customers retain full control of the location and movement of their broadcast media assets. Ingest, content preparation, and asset management remain on-site, with control and data management in the cloud.

"Broadcasters, although conservative in their workflow choices, have been trying to leverage the cloud to increase revenues and take cost and complexity out of their playout operations. They have not had much success, but that changes with GV STRATUS Playout," said Mike Cronk, Senior Vice President of Strategic Marketing, Grass Valley. "With the GV STRATUS Playout solution, content can be further localised at the edge without increasing satellite costs. Additionally, multi-channel playout operations can get on air quickly with low up-front costs and a small footprint and stay nimble for nearly limitless expansion. All these benefits can be achieved while giving staff full control and visibility of their media and all playout operations, whether they're local or remote."

GV STRATUS DMP is the industry's most highly integrated and powerful toolset for the delivery of content to the full spectrum of digital media platforms. It's also the first solution to enable live streaming of local newscasts with embargoed content replacement and hyper-client based advertising for television stations - delivering ground-breaking opportunities to strengthen brands and further monetise content to viewers on all types of devices.

Allowing a shift from a technology-centric approach to business-driven workflows, users can create a set of properties that accompany content throughout the production and preparation processes, and new properties can be created at each stage. Properties determine where content is sent and how it must be transcoded or reformatted by destination. Special instructions include destination-specific directives regarding content embargoes and content replacement instructions for both files and live streams, which can be added manually or automatically via Grass Valley's Ignite Automated Production System.

"Monetising live content across multiple digital media platforms is a growing requirement for all types of content creators, but they need to do it in the most economical fashion possible," said Cronk. "GV STRATUS DMP not only enables the profitable monetisation of content to new distribution channels, but it also reduces the cost of multiplatform distribution, which allows broadcasters to remain successful in today's highly competitive landscape."

GV STRATUS News provides news organisations with all the tools necessary to plan, create, publish, and archive news broadcasts, whether they are working in the newsroom or in the field. Transforming the way news organisations report news, this complete framework can be configured into agile, participatory workflows that adapt to the logic of news production and where any producer, writer, or journalist can participate in and add to the production process at any point in the workflow including user-generated content.

GV STRATUS Live includes a fast evolving set of tools and media services to efficiently manage and package content during and after a live event. In complex environments such as live studio production or sports production tasks, processes can change from one programme to the next or from day to day. With the complete and reconfigurable GV STRATUS framework, live studios can design agile, participatory workflows that adapt to changing production needs, making it possible for any staff member to participate in and contribute to the production process at any point in the workflow.

"GV STRATUS is the foundation of Grass Valley's software offerings and the key enabler of sophisticated file-based workflows," added Cronk. "The power of GV STRATUS is unmatched in the industry. No other company can provide a seamless workflow that manages all aspects of content capture, production, and distribution within a single production toolset or database environment."

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