GatesAir 'Stay Connected' Virtual Meetings And Webinars


USA: In light of several cancelled / postponed industry events around the world in 2020, GatesAir has presented a schedule of webinars and online events to keep you informed and engaged.

With Virtual Events GatesAir will be featuring new product updates, topical presentations, round tables with special guests, and even "virtual booth meetings" to help personally support customers' broadcasting needs.

Upcoming webinars in the Virtual Events series include:

Advances in Television Transmission Solutions
M. Horspool  •  April 7, 2020
Learn about innovative high-efficiency VHF & UHF systems with power ranges from 5 to 150kW. We will introduce our updated, intuitive HTML5 GUIs with advanced security, and integrated Satellite and IP content distribution.
Next Generation Radio Transmission Systems
T. Lantz / K. Haider  •  April 9, 2020
Review of new products and features for delivery of radio content. We will look at the range of products from low- to high-power, including advances in high-efficiency transmission, HD Radio, DAB and DRM solutions.

Intraplex IP Audio Contribution & Distribution Capabilities
K. Parikh / A. Gervasi  •  April 14, 2020
Robust delivery of audio, data & control around the globe just got simpler with the Intraplex range of solutions. Learn about software-based solutions that operate on off-the-shelf hardware along with purpose-built, hardened products.

Flexible Low-Power TV Transmission Systems
M. Horspool  •  April 16, 2020
New and cutting-edge solutions for the unique demands of low-power TV transmission. Learn about compact highly efficient and cost-effective systems that feature simple modular construction that delivers the lowest total cost of ownership. Key features such as intuitive HTML5 GUIs, network security, integrated Off-Air & Satellite receivers and IP-based content distribution options.

These webinars are also each worth 1/2 SBE re-certification credit.

Please visit the site here to check out the entire schedule and to reserve your seat, or you can also schedule an appointment with a GatesAir Regional Sales Manager and others.

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