Facilis HUB Shared Storage System Makes IBC Debut


USA: IBC2019 will offer the first European presentation of Facilis’ newly shipped HUB Shared Storage System.
Previews of the company’s version 8.0 HUB software management will also be on show. 
Built as an entirely new platform, Facilis HUB represents the evolution of the Facilis Shared File System with the block-level virtualisation and multi-connectivity performance required for demanding media production workflows. Additionally, version 7.2 of the Facilis system software and FastTracker 3.0 is now available and included in all HUB systems.
Other new innovations on stand 7.B48 include Facilis Object Cloud which virtualises Cloud and LTO storage into a cache volume on the server, available on the client desktops through the Facilis Shared File System.
“When object storage is combined with FastTracker auto-indexing and proxy generation, it becomes a very powerful way to archive, track and restore project data through a simple, familiar interface,” said Jim McKenna, VP Sales and Marketing at Facilis. “The object storage cache looks and acts like any other volume but has infinite storage behind it.”
New features for Facilis version 7.2 includes Facilis Object Cloud (brings Object Storage to the server and client desktop); added Kernel Support for Linux (new support for Linux Kernel 5.0.x); improved Web Console UI (dark mode, more bulk actions, storage tab and more); and simplified Server Upgrade (new “one click, one reboot” server installer).
Expected to ship in late 2019, Version 8 will include new methods of data protection including software defined multi-disk parity, hybrid performance management, advanced volume spanning capabilities and portable drive groups. Facilis HUB Version 8 is available for any HUB or TerraBlock system under a valid support contract at the time of release. It will be supported on TerraBlock systems shipped after August 2013.
Also planned to ship in late 2019, FastTracker 3.5 will have new automated data movement, deeper integration with Object Cloud archive, filesystem browse capabilities and improved result layouts in Adobe Panel and Desktop Browse, as well as duplicate file reporting and tracking and standalone FastTracker Server licensing. 
Facilis FastTracker is available for any Facilis customer with a current support contract, and now offers unlimited seat count.
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