EditShare Academic Partnership Program


USA: EditShare recently rolled out the new EditShare Academic Partnership (EAP) Program.

Open to all accredited educational institutions, EAP offers educators best pricing combined with invaluable workflow mentoring and knowledge-sharing, amplifying the classroom experience for students whether they are studying broadcast journalism, feature film production or anything in between.

"With the new Academic Partnership Program, EditShare is providing educators a mentoring service alongside cost-effective educational pricing, helping teachers build industry-focused programs that bring real-world learning value-add to the classroom," commented Andy Liebman, CEO, EditShare. "EditShare media experts will help educators frame a syllabi that weaves together the workflow and technology required to create and deliver content for OTT, social platforms, traditional TV and the Big Screen."

EditShare's media-centric shared storage, content management and file-based workflow solutions have increased productivity and collaboration across leading broadcast and media enterprises around the globe since 2003.The company has also forged strong partnerships with other industry leading manufacturers. With a comprehensive view of market needs, including emerging technology and techniques, EditShare brings a 360-degree perspective to educators and students. Liebman added: "Taking this one step further, EditShare's education initiative includes special award competitions and real-world job connections along with incredible student discounts. It's one of the industry's most robust education programs offering incredible value."

EditShare Academic Partnership Program offers:

  • Industry Technology and Workflow Mentoring - EditShare Academic Partners have access to EditShare resources to create real-world workshop simulations;
  • Award Programs - As an EditShare Academic Partner students will have the opportunity to participate in EditShare sponsored award programs;
  • Industry Experience - Each year EditShare will engage a number of Academic Partner students, providing "hands-on" industry experience.

EditShare solutions provide advanced media sharing and easy-to-use administration capabilities that enhance student collaboration and classroom management. The rights and permissions structure let educators allocate access by student and by project, while the rules-driven workflow ensures that no data is ever overwritten or destroyed, an important feature in a teaching environment where there are multiple collaborators learning the craft.

Students can log into media spaces from any workstation or laptop on the EditShare network, ensuring a more efficient use of equipment resources. They can also use the same campus login and password to gain access to their projects and media spaces, eliminating time and energy re-creating new usernames and logins. Student information is centrally managed from the admin console, reducing time spent organising classroom projects.

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