Dielectric Ships Powerlite UHF Solutions to Ethiopia


USA / ETH: Dielectric, a pioneer in purpose-engineered antennas and RF systems for TV and radio broadcasters, has shipped a US$1.2 million order comprising antennas, filters and RF accessories to Ethiopia to support the government's second-generation DVB-T2 network rollout, which begins later this year.

The order covers 26 low-to-medium power UHF transmission sites positioned around the country.

Dielectric worked closely with GatesAir, the prime contractor of the project who will design, supply, install, test and commission the network solution, to assure seamless integration with transmission systems at all sites. The initial DTV rollout will support 20 channels of DVB-T2 content across all 26 sites.

Dielectric accelerated the production process to meet demanding timelines on behalf of INSA (Information Network Security Agency), the Government of Ethiopia's agency in charge of the DTV rollout. The entire order was manufactured and shipped within six weeks, leveraging Dielectric's DASP antenna modeling software, and broadband antenna and filter designs, to minimize production time.

The Dielectric Powerlite(tm) series was selected for all sites, using omnidirectional antenna patterns. The Powerlite series provides comprehensive solutions for UHF and VHF channels, and the systems for Ethiopia include TUA panel antennas, flex transmission line, and tunable filters customized for each station and power level.

"Along with 26 antennas and filtering systems, we shipped more than 7,000 feet of transmission line for a complete RF solution for each site that is quick to install and meets all specifications," said Cory Edwards, global OEM sales manager, Dielectric. "We have made a significant investment in a portfolio for international markets, and it is rewarding to see another expansive deployment of Powerlite products." In the past 24 months, Dielectric has provided similar systems to TV broadcasters in Mexico and Chile.

J.M.T. International, GatesAir's partner and dealer in Ethiopia, will handle installation of the Dielectric antennas; and tower infrastructure supplied through Sabre Tower. Dielectric worked closely with GatesAir, INSA, J.M.T. and Sabre Tower to study the Ethiopian terrain around each site, and develop systems to maximize coverage from each tower site.

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