Dalet Updates Adobe Premiere Pro CC Integration


USA: Dalet has released a new version of its Dalet Xtend plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Dalet Xtend connects Adobe Premiere Pro CC users to the Dalet Galaxy Media Asset Management (MAM) and Orchestration platform, providing a direct gateway to metadata-rich assets and facilitating collaboration with users such as journalists, prep editors, sports producers and other production personnel on the Dalet Galaxy platform.

The new HTML-5 Dalet Xtend panel for Adobe Premiere Pro CC adds support for multi-sequence export, locator inheritance, configurable metadata forms for exporting content, and support for the 'while' scenarios when exporting from Adobe Premiere Pro.

By connecting via the Dalet Xtend plugin, editors working on Adobe Premiere Pro can import media, including shot selections, sequences and EDLs, made by other users on the Dalet Galaxy platform, as well as previously saved Adobe Premiere Pro Projects and Sequences.

Feature highlights of the Dalet Xtend for Adobe Premiere Pro CC include:

  • Browse and search the Dalet MAM from Adobe Premiere Pro;
  • Saving against a placeholder in the production system from Adobe Premiere Pro can trigger a wide variety of workflows;
  • Edit growing files;
  • Option to work in proxy resolution and render in hi-res to save on bandwidth;
  • View Dalet Galaxy timecode-based metadata in Adobe Premiere Pro such as closed captions, QC, censorship, editorial review and more from the MAM to Premiere Pro and vice versa;
  • Save Adobe Premiere Pro projects and sequences in Dalet Galaxy, enabling multi-editor collaboration;
  • Bidirectional metadata exchange between Adobe Premiere Pro & Dalet Galaxy.

Adobe Premiere Pro users have instant access to content in the Dalet Galaxy MAM and edit in place - out of the shared storage - even as material is still being recorded. The plugin also allows the editors to choose to work on proxy, leveraging the smaller file size to work faster and reduce network dependency, then switch to full resolution when needed or for final render of their project. Video packages can be pushed to air as media are still being rendered to the central storage. Editors can directly save against a placeholder within Dalet Galaxy, an ideal feature for fast turnaround workflows like news.

Bidirectional metadata exchange and genealogy ensure all useful data are passed on to Adobe Premiere Pro, retained throughout the editing process and exported back to Dalet Galaxy for consistency. The exchange is configurable and can include information such as manual annotations, closed captions extracted from video, report data from media analysis engines (like QC), censorship markers, and digital rights.

Dalet will be showcasing the new version of Dalet Xtend for Adobe Premiere Pro CC at NAB 2017.

Pictured: Dalet Xtend for Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

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