DTC Announces New 5-Watt Power Amplifier


GBR: Domo Tactical Communications (DTC) has unveiled a 5-Watt variant of the RF Power Amplifier.
The efficient, small-sized linear amplifier has been designed for digital transmission applications in surveillance, law enforcement, military UAV and UGV, airborne data/telemetry and television broadcasting where range and reliability are imperative.
With its small form factor and light weight, the new OEM module is suited to pair with DTC’s SOLO8 SDR-C as a long-range, high data rate, OEM 5W radios module for Tactical UAVs and Drones, which with DTC’s MeshUlltra Waveform suits swarm drone applications too.
High-performance surveillance, communications and broadcast systems enable customers to securely monitor, communicate and share information with confidence in complex environments and the most demanding situations and now at extreme range.
Offering a range of operating frequencies from 1200MHz to 5GHz (available in banded options) in a nonsealed 'plain' form factor, it’s ideal for use by system integrators. The amplifier incorporates a low loss transmit/receive switch and low noise amplifier providing an RF return path for transceiver platforms. The amplifier meets the stringent requirements of DVB-T transmission and can be used for COFDM, 64QAM, 16QAM, QPSK, CW and similar applications.
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