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CABSAT, DUBAI: At CABSAT 2017, Qvest Media presents strategic insights on how the interplay of cutting-edge technologies, such as artificial intelligence for media analysis and IP for broadcast, are setting the roadmap to transform the broadcast and media industry. To talk to Qvest Media’s experts about global media trends or to learn how their managed technology approach supports media companies in their digital transformation process, visitors are invited to come by Qvest Media’s stand D2-20, Hall 2. 
In the midst of the next broadcasting revolution
IP for broadcast, OTT content and solutions, media intelligence, workflow management and managed technology – these are just a few of Qvest Media’s topics at the leading trade show in Dubai. In line with global industry trends, Qvest Media’s agenda underlines the company’s pioneering role in the field of media and technology consulting, systems integration and support business. With the digital transformation on the rise, the media and broadcasting industry continues to evolve and grow further together – not at least due to more developed broadcasting infrastructure and technology, easier access to platforms and devices and of course changed consumer behaviour. New business models are gaining ground which, in turn, attract new players ready
to shake up the traditional roles along the entire value chain. Being always one step ahead, Qvest Media demonstrates once again its profound expertise in connecting advanced technology to game-changing platforms and business models, and thus providing today’s customers with solutions that build the foundations of tomorrow’s media industry. This visionary approach enables media companies to remain agile and allows them to quickly adapt to the changing landscape. Qvest Media and selected partners from the industry, including Arvato Systems, HMS and MediaGeniX, are presenting their solutions, products and services at Qvest Media’s technology hub at D2-20, Hall 2.
The future of an all-IP broadcast ecosystem is here to stay
As happened in previous revolutions, the broadcasting industry is once again ready for a new chapter. Driven by initiatives such as AIMS, the Alliance for IP Media Solutions, manufacturers, broadcasters and organisations are creating common technological standards, namely SMPTE 2110 that support modern broadcasting infrastructures. All major broadcast vendors who are also members of Qvest Media’s global partner network, are represented by AIMS. “As a leading systems integrator in the MENA-region, Qvest Media welcomes the shift to an all-IP ecosystem”, says Thomas Müller, General Manager at Qvest Media Dubai. “In this way, we can make use of the tremendous benefits of IP for broadcast for our customer’s projects, infrastructures and system landscapes, and ensure the highest possible security level.” With IP as a basis, traditional borders from content production to contribution, distribution and transport will fall: IP systems not only outperform the speed and resilience of traditional broadcasting standards, they also enable cloud-based storage and processing, thus setting the foundation for a successful
live-broadcasting era in 4K.
Media Intelligence System for media content and trend analysis
The tide of media content, such as text, image, audio, video, and metadata is continuously rising. At the same time, new structured and semi-structured data sources are being created on a continuous basis, for example, by using mobile devices, cloud applications, streaming media or social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.
The Media Intelligence System, co-developed by Qvest Media and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), analyses billions of assets and links data from internal and external media sources in real time. Media Intelligence enables media companies such as broadcasters, digital publishers, telecommunications service providers as well as owners of rights and licenses and licensees to automate searching through unstructured media data, evaluating content, clustering results in context and linking them with each other. Intelligent applications allow patterns in business models to be identified and trend forecasts to be made. This extraction of knowledge is particularly trendsetting for the broadcasting industry, for example, when it comes to next generation TV services and content offerings. Thomas Müller, General Manager at Qvest Media Dubai explains: “Today’s consumers already want to watch content anywhere and on any device. There is a need for smart applications that will guide them through the increasing amount of content and make appropriate recommendations according to their individual preferences. We believe that Media Intelligence can support future broadcasters and content providers in the contribution of personalised offerings.” Qvest Media showcases how content from virtually any source can be searched for, curated, automatically clustered, tracked and analysed at live demonstrations on the stand (D2-20).
Managed Technology – lower financial risks for future technology investments
Qvest Media supports media organisations along their entire digital transformation process through their new approach known as Managed Technology which facilitates the planning of broadcaster’s budgetary needs. Thanks to the rapid evolution of technology and increasingly shorter product life cycles, media companies no longer tie up their financial resources in long-term investments, but use pay-as-they-go operating expenses. This enables them to focus their investments on their core business competencies, thereby removing the burdens of selection, integration, operation, maintenance and replacement of technology. Consequently, Qvest Media’s Managed Technology helps to shift CapEx investments to OpEx expenditures, offering a step-by-step concept.
The OpEX payment model grows with the organisations, offering media companies more flexibility in adapting additional services according to individual needs. Whether it is a matter of technology services and maintenance, cloud services, Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) or even Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) – Qvest Media enables customers
to run their business operations at any time and lower costs.
Picture: Thomas Müller, General Manager at Qvest Media Dubai.
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