Clear-Com Supports Instant Replay At World Series


ALAMEDIA, USA: During the World Series games between the San Francisco Giants and the Kansas City Royals, MLB used a combination of Clear-Com intercom systems to support instant replay communications between the 30 Major League ballparks and Replay Operation Centers (ROC) located in New York and San Francisco.

In each ballpark is a Clear-Com HelixNet Digital Networked Intercom with HKB-2X user stations and HBP-2X beltpacks to support communications for the field umpires, ballpark replay technicians, the broadcast truck supporting the game, and the scoreboard official in the ball park. The HelixNet HMS-4X base stations are interfaced to Clear-Com VoICE2 IP interfaces which connect to each of the ROCs.

Within each ROC's equipment room is a complement of VoICE2s that interface with an Eclipse HX Digital Matrix Intercom system. Umpires and replay technicians in the ROCs have V-Series user panels that allow them to communicate with any or all of the games in progress.

The San Francisco Giants came out on top, winning the series 4-3.

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