Cineo To Unveil Quantum c80 AT NAB 2017


USA: Cineo Lighting will reveal the Quantum c80 (Qc80) full-gamut colour lighting fixture at NAB 2017.

Featuring 50,000 lumens of Cineo’s proprietary colour-tuneable white light, the Qc80 (pictured) also includes a full RGB gamut, which works in conjunction with the reference-quality white light as a complete, creative lighting toolkit.

To support the Qc80’s innovative approach to saturated colour technology, Cineo has developed a simple, four channel interface that provides control locally using the system’s graphical control panel, through traditional wired DMX or with the Integrated LumenRadio CRMX bi-directional wireless DMX/RDM control.

The versatile Qc80 provides predictable, repeatable results for end users that are unachievable with any other lighting instrument. The same colour shading can be realised through the camera regardless of the CCT used for photography. For example, +2 Green added to 3000K CCT will look the same as +2 Green at 4500K to the correctly white-balanced camera. In addition to Cineo’s proprietary phosphor-converted white light LEDs, the Qc80 is the first unit designed with phosphor-converted saturated colour LEDs, thus extending Cineo’s deep-red colour rendering technology. Cineo’s Photo Accurate Dimming, which maps both local and DMX control to camera f-stops, is also fully supported.

“The Qc80’s colour LEDs use the same die as its white LEDs, achieving identical thermal stability,” said Chuck Edwards, CTO, Cineo Lighting. “Ultimately, this allows for the colour to remain consistent throughout the lifetime of a fixture. This product consistency means that our customers will achieve the highest quality results over the extended lifetime of the product.”

Weighing in at under 40lbs., Qc80 measures 2ft x 4ft x 5.5in, including the internal 800-watt power supply. As with all Cineo products, it features flick-free operation and a silent, passive cooling system without fans to ensure that no noise from the unit will disrupt a shoot.

The built-in USB port provides 5VDC power for accessories and supports uploading of new firmware as new features become available.

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