CP Cases Protect From The Extremes


MIDDLESEX, GBR: CP Cases, the designer and manufacturer of high-performance protective cases and 19 inch racks, together with Camera Corps, a Vitec Group company and world leader in supplying speciality cameras, robotic heads and bespoke camera tracking systems have developed a new range of bespoke protective covers specifically for the purpose of protecting vital broadcast equipment including HD and 4K cameras from temperature extremes that could reach -18°C in combination with fog, rain and snow at a major upcoming winter sports event.
Cameras rigged in remote locations
The protective covers act as both operational and overnight covers and ensure non-standard cameras and heads rigged in remote conditions and locations are protected at event venues from the rain and the cold. Specialist materials were chosen (developed by the science-based technology experts 3M) - an optimum grade Thinsulate™ insulation was used to provide the highest degree of thermal insulation possible. The unique microfibers of Thinsulate™ insulation are about ten times smaller than fibres of other synthetic insulations, trapping air molecules between the multi layers of the camera cover - the more air a material traps in a given space, the greater its insulating value.
Protection against all elements
A set of three bespoke, specially made camera covers: one for the camera heads, one for the actual cameras themselves (HD & 4K) and a third generic cover protect the entire kit from extreme temperatures were developed. CP Cases designed specifically to suit the various pieces of kit, taking into account the movement, the differing axis, rotations and tilts of the cameras and heads to ensure a perfect fit and also ensuring that while equipment is protected there is also sufficient airflow to ensure equipment does not overheat. When turned on the cameras are kept cool and when turned off they are kept insulated.
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