Blackmagic Control Panels For DaVinci Resolve


USA: Blackmagic Design has announced two new portable hardware control panels for DaVinci Resolve, its professional editing and colour correction software.

These control panels are designed to allow colour correction workflows to be mixed in with editing workflows, while introducing new levels of quality in affordable hardware control panels.

The new DaVinci Resolve Micro Panel and the DaVinci Resolve Mini Panel are professional grade hardware control panels that feature three exceptional quality high resolutions trackballs, precision machined control knobs, illuminated buttons and much more. Hardware control panels are critically important for professional colour correction because the colourist needs to "hold the image in their hands" as they manipulate multiple parameters at once to create new and highly stylised looks, or even make very subtle natural changes.

The smaller DaVinci Resolve Micro Panel is not much larger than a computer keyboard and is powered from the USB connection. It's perfect for placement next to a computer keyboard so the editor or colourist can easily move between the keyboard and control panel as they edit, allowing simultaneous grading and colour correction. The larger DaVinci Resolve Mini Panel includes the same powerful features but also adds LCD screens with dozens of menus allowing fast access to most of the advanced colour grading features of DaVinci Resolve. This makes the panel more suitable for workstations that switch between editing and colour correction, but it is still portable enough to be easily moved between workstations around a facility. The mini panel has enough features that a colourist will be able to do professional work on any DaVinci workstation that it's plugged into.

"There is a massive, growing number of DaVinci Resolve users working on all different kinds of productions," said Grant Petty, CEO, Blackmagic Design. "These new DaVinci Resolve control panels give editors and colourists a completely new way to add emotion and impact to their images. We designed these exciting new hardware control panels to inspire colourists at every level with stylish design, extremely high quality and features that boost creativity. We believe these new panels will let customers do things creatively that are simply impossible with a mouse and keyboard."

Both the DaVinci Resolve Micro Panel and the DaVinci Resolve Mini Panel provide fluid, hands-on control that allows colourists to be more creative because they can adjust multiple parameters at the same time, allowing them to quickly create looks.

Both panels include a row of 12 knobs that provide access to the most powerful primary correction features, making it easy to experiment and try new combinations. The primary knobs can be used to control Y Lift, Y Gamma, Y Gain, Contrast, Pivot, Mid-tone Detail, Colour Boost, Shadow, Highlight, Saturation, Hue Rotation and Luminance Mix. With direct access to dedicated knobs on the control panel for these primary colour correction controls, we hope to inspire a new creative revolution in the look of images for film and television.

In addition, the new panels have a range of transport and grading control buttons on the right side of the panel that put the most important and commonly used commands at the colourist's fingertips, so they can work faster without having to hunt through menus or palettes to change a setting.

All of the DaVinci Resolve hardware control panels feature a consistent layout that makes it easy for professional colourists to move between the new panels and our traditional DaVinci Resolve Advanced Panel. Many of the controls are in the same position and the trackballs are large and designed with a similar professional feel so any existing DaVinci Resolve colourist should feel completely at home on the new panels.

The new control panels feature an elegant and durable machined aluminium body with professional, high-resolution balanced trackballs. The trackballs provide RGB balance adjustments for lift, gamma and gain, each with a master level control set via a movable outer trackball ring. The other control knobs are custom designed and precision machined to provide super fine control over adjustments. They can also be pressed to quickly reset a parameter. Illuminated buttons make it easy to see which controls are active, even in a darkened room. The DaVinci Resolve Mini Panel model adds two high resolution screens that display information and parameter settings for the currently selected tool and additional control buttons for DaVinci Resolve features.

Pictured: Top - DaVinci Resolve Micro Panel; Bottom - DaVinci Resolve Mini Panel.

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