Blackbird Video Webinar Presentation


GBR: Blackbird Video Webinar will present the main features of this fast, powerful cloud video editing and publishing platform, in action...

Advanced Cloud Video Editing and Publishing: Part 1
1st October 2020
Register Webinar 1:
11am to 11.45am UK time
Register Webinar 2:
2pm to 2.45pm EDT (11am to 11.45am PDT, 7pm to 7.45pm UK time
Fast - easy - scalable - remote - cost effective: See Blackbird, the world's fastest, most powerful cloud video editing and publishing platform, in action on 1st October! The only professional video editing platform accessible via a browser, Blackbird enables remote production and provides rapid access to video content for the easy creation of clips, highlights and longer form content to multiple devices and platforms. Blackbird powers significant productivity and efficiency benefits for any enterprise organisation working with video.
Advanced Cloud Video Editing:
  • log in from any browser - with bandwidth of just 2Mb/s;
  • easily create clips, highlights and longer form content.
Explore the fully-featured professional editing toolset:
  • up to 12 video and 32 audio tracks;
  • colour correction;
  • closed caption and subtitle management;
  • real-time video and audio transitions;
  • sync pulls;
  • multi-cam operation.
Advanced Cloud Video Publishing:
  • advanced format support and publishing configuration;
  • rapidly output to social media platforms;
  • support for square, portrait and non-standard aspect ratios;
  • automated overlays, pre-rolls and post-rolls;
  • distribute broadcast quality content to OTT, web and digital platforms.
Unique and transformative, Blackbird is proven with blue chip customers such as IMG, A+E Networks, Deltatre, Sky News Arabia, Arsenal FC, Riot Games, US Department of State, TownNews, Eleven Sports and many others.
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