BSI 360 Degree Wireless Live Sports Filming


GBR: BSI UK, the European business of Broadcast Sports International, specialist provider of wireless cameras and microphones for live broadcast, has started to work with 360 degree filming, and has been developing a 360 degree solution which can be integrated into live broadcasts that use BSI's wireless camera systems.

BSI is using its own REAL FREEDOM wireless camera technology to add a 360 degree experience to a live sports production. The concept is that the viewer will be given a 360 degree view of a stadium, and will be able to look around the stadium as they like, in real time, using their own iPad or iPhone - which they can use with or without a traditional television screen.

BSI will offer the wireless 360 degree imaging to broadcasters and production companies that want to give viewers the extra option of adding a 360 degree view of a sports event in a stadium.

Tony Valentino, Technical Director of BSI in Watford, said: "For BSI, this is a natural development from the work we are doing with our new 4K link developments, corner-post cameras and dual stream transmission from POV cameras - we now have a working prototype and we can show our first wireless 360 degree images."

BSI provides camera systems for live events on a hire basis, and offers a number of cameras for High Definition or 1080p/50 3G images - including bodyworn, airborne and POV camera systems.

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