Anevia Joins Red Hat Technology Partner Program


FRA: Anevia is collaborating with Red Hat, a leading provider of open source solutions. 
As a result, Anevia is now part of the Red Hat Technology Partner Program and can integrate Red Hat’s enterprise-grade, fully-supported open source technology, with added professional support, within its product ranges. These include the Genova low-latency live encoders, OTT packaging, cloud DVR and CDN solutions (NEA-LIVE, NEA-DVR and NEA-CDN) and Anevia’s multiscreen TV headend, Flamingo.
Red Hat Enterprise Linux, the enterprise Linux platform, can strengthen Anevia’s system security features thanks to its performance monitoring and built-in capabilities such as Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux).
As well as Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Anevia plans to supply other Red Hat hybrid cloud solutions such as Red Hat OpenShift and Red Hat OpenStack Platform, to enable users to run their apps on the environment and cloud that they choose, including those offered by well-known cloud providers.
“Red Hat’s technologies are based on industry open source standards which provide a flexible, stable, and reliable foundation with strong security capabilities for our products and exceptional integration capabilities,” said Philippe Carol, Anevia Product Management Team Leader. “With this collaboration we plan to offer, not just the operating system, but also a full solution with valuable tools capable of managing all cloud variants in which our customers operate.
“Red Hat is renowned as a forward-looking business with a long-term development strategy for its solutions and already provides companies with considerable agility while working in the cloud. For these reasons, we believe this collaboration can help our customers optimise their investments and potential in a highly competitive market by providing access to a broad and reliable portfolio of cloud and other solutions.” 
"As organisations undergo digital transformations, they want confidence that the products they chose to run their business on have been jointly tested and are fully supportable for production use,” said Mike Werner, Senior Director, Global Technology Ecosystems, Red Hat. “Enabling customer success often requires a broad ecosystem working together to advance industry standards and to certify solutions that have been tested to work together. We are happy to collaborate with companies like Anevia, further strengthening our reach into the broadcast industry.”
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