Altered Images Enhances Facilities At Wash


LONDON, UK: Altered Images has supplied grading facility, Wash, with the latest DaVinci Resolve advanced control surface for its East London premises. The company chose the system for its ease of use, precise colour control and simple workflow integration with industry-standard NLEs.
Wash are a grading, finishing and playout facility, specialising in commercials and branded content. Its colour grading suite features 4K HDR capability, with the new DaVinci Resolve advanced panel and grade one OLED monitoring. “I wanted a system that was very easy to ‘round trip’ with Avid workflow,” explained Jon Dobson, colourist and owner of Wash. “Altered Images advised on the latest systems and industry workflows and explained that DaVinci Resolve is regularly updated with the latest camcorder and workflow information. It’s an extremely flexible system with powerful colour correction features; you can take anything in and also make edits within the software, which often isn’t easy in other grading systems.”
Many of Wash’s clients edit their material using Avid, then send Wash the rushes and AAF file for colour grading. “I’m able to grade the footage and send everything back to the client as graded clips and an AAF, still with editing handles,” Jon adds. “This means they can easily adjust it – perhaps using Avid Symphony – and relink to the new graded material. When I work on TV shows, I’m sent footage directly from the production company for grading; they generally always want it back afterwards so their online editor can do the final mastering. This looped workflow was an important reason for choosing the DaVinci Resolve panel. Altered Images understood this requirement and were able to advise on the best system for us at the most competitive price.”
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